Monday, August 12, 2013


    Hey guys I wanted to write a post about what's going on in my life right now. This past year was my last one of high school so i'm officially done with that. (yaaay!! ) So I have a very exciting uni life ahead of me. I'm currently waiting for my results but I know which city I will be studying at so everything is settled. 
    As I stated before in one of my previous posts I've been away at my beach house where I can relax and enjoy summer close to the beach with friends. So far it's been amazing but I still have so much time for my holiday to be over. I'm also veeerrryyy excited for September because I'm going to Milan <3 for a few days with my sister and a friend of ours! There's gonna be lots of shopping and yummy food and cocktails! 
    And before I go I will share some of my fave songs that I've had on repeat for a couple of weeks now. (When I love a song I keep playing it over and over again and get pretty annoying xD)Hope you enjoy :)

I loove Icona Pop! Love their every single song but this one if my fave. Their energy makes me wanna dance all day :D

I can't tell you how much I've been obsessed with Iggy Azalea lately! Her voice and beauty are both captivating.

And finally Bonnie McKee with American Girl. The song is soo girly and immediately puts you in a good mood.