Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Milan day 3

                       A silly shot of my sister and me xD

    Top: H&M  Skirt: H&M  Bag: Skirt  Bracelet: H&M (again xD)

While we were exploring the area we came across this guy singing and just fell in love with his voice! He is extremely talented! So I bought his CD that he was selling which contained 6 covers all in ebglish except one italian. You can find his videos on Youtube if you type "Soltanto". 


  1. thanks for your comment <3
    my jackwet is from river island, i bought it a year ago.

    love your outfit, cute skirt!

  2. Ooooh! Love your outfit!
    I love your clutch!
    'Cute guy staring at you' alert on 5th picture. :P
    [Or is it someone you know? Then my comment would totally be awkward :P]

    1. Thank you Ru!
      hahah no i don't know him xD didn't notice he was there lol xD

  3. omg i LOVE this outfit!! colour palette is so cute and the star jumper is love!

    Anna Czarina