Saturday, January 18, 2014


This is a quick little haul to show you guys what I got this winter break.

1. ZARA coat
When I went for shopping with my mom she showed me this coat and i immediately fell in love with the fabric, the colour, the shape, everything! It was just too gorgeous to pass so the other day I woke up super early just to go get it xD Looks very chic especially paired with sheer black tights and a cute dress or skirt.

2. Pull & Bear top
This one I'd also been eyeing for months and it finally went on sale so I got it as a christmas present from my sister . Even though the prints show up yellow in this pic, they're actually gold and it's just a gorgeous top.

3.Oysho Pj pants
These pj pants screaaam holidays and christmas! They're so cute and everyone who knows me knows that i love snowflakes :D These actually were a gift from mommy as a christmas present.

4.ZARA blouse
Uhm so the true colour and the shape don't show up in this pic at all. This is a really cute top , its backless and a deep plum colour which again was a present from my sista ^_^.

5. ZARA bag
Another bargain from the sales. It has a red front and gold accents.

Let me know if you would like me to do little hauls like this in the future.

    Kisses Pelin xoxo


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  2. YESS you should definetely do posts like this !

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  4. nice pull and bear top :)

  5. love the pull&bear top <3
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  6. I am in love with that sweater x

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  8. love zara pieces!!!

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  9. Love all your purchases x